Why I pay $97 a month to feel frustrated

How did you become a photographer? Maybe like me, you just found it by accident & realised you loved it? If only taking photographs was the whole job hey?! Being freelance has now been my way of working life more than its not, I know I would hate to go back to a 9-5 job. I’m not sure I even know how to write a CV anymore!

While I’ve honed my photography skills over the last decade, my marketing skills have always been ad hoc, to say the least! I always feel a bit out of my depth and one step behind what I need to be doing; or should be doing. To level up and upscale my business, and life, I know I needed to take BIG action…

Having a baby and losing a long standing contract are the two things that pulled me up sharp about my approach to my career. The reliability of when & where I was making income from changed – and now in these uncertain times, even more so. I’d always been my own boss but I realised I was still not doing enough to have real control over my career and future. 

I can’t see myself still photographing weddings in 5 years time, but I don’t want to give up being a photographer. I’m now not contributing to the household income in the way I was doing. I knew I needed a new plan to change up how I do business and earn – but still making use of the knowledge, skills and passion I have for photography. I wanted to keep the freedom freelancing gives me and put myself in the best position to have financial freedom.

So, I invested in an online marketing education programme I’d heard about.

And god, its hard work! I’ll put my hand up, I thought it would be easier. I’m being pushed, challenged and there have been doubts and frustrations. And I came here voluntarily, haha!

In its barest form, its marketing training for online business, however – there’s so much more knowledge to be gained in this platform.  It’s a relative smorgasbord of choices – a Woolworth’s pick & mix if you will! You can dip a toe in or fully submerge – though that is all relative to your own goals and desired success.

And you know what? Some of it you’ll know already, some of it you’ll have heard before. Like me, you may have dabbled in various training courses before (maybe some known names – Jasmine Star, Sue Bryce, Tony Robbins or maybe just small how-to webinars online) it’s not changed much on the fundamentals – there’s mindset, there’s Law of Attraction… 

BUT what IS different, what is here with my new venture, is a MASSIVE amount of content – training, coaching, support, all under one roof!  So, while some of the basics aren’t new, the approach is pretty revolutionary.

I think Its bold, its daring and it’s certainly NOT for everyone.

There’s a real mix of people and dreams in this community. There’s those wanting the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ – people working from the beach, travelling the globe while making money and running their businesses. 5 years ago, I’d have been allllll over that dream!

For now, I’m on a different path; mine’s about a new home, keeping my photography business relevant & viable, staying freelance. But everyone shares the idea of freedom – creating how YOU want YOUR life to be. Bottom line, it’s all good souls in here, learning, teaching, helping each other out, alongside the team of top industry mentors.

One of these mentors, Dan Holloway, wrote recently – “Decide that you’re willing to work on changing who you are until you become the best version of yourself no matter how long it takes, and decide that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create success in your life”

Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. Going through this platform and implementing the training is bloody hard, and I’ll say again – it’s much harder than I thought it would be! But I’ve committed to a bigger goal, and if I were to quit then I’d certainly never reach it. So I’m going to keep paying to feel uncomfortable.

Your dreams are realities ready for the taking. If you feel ready, you can get a taste from my mentors with a video workshop (its free). And maybe I’ll see you in here soon.

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