Hi, I’m Katie! A freelance photographer, with a huge love for the self-employed life. I shoot a mix of wedding, engagement & branding work, and have been doing so for over 10 years. And I love it!

I want to help others have the confidence and strength in creating their best life too. To be free and stay free!

I live in a seaside town in Dorset, England with my boyfriend Dan. We met online and bonded over our love of a theme park day out but STILL haven’t visited one with each other. Go figure.  We’re about to celebrate 5 years together! 

In 2019 we had our baby boy Nate, and he is just the best. Laughter is most definitely the track of the day in our house – we’re silly, goofy and have an imaginary Australian penguin called Kevin living with us (long story, and yes, he arrived before we had kids!!)

What else?

I use exclamation points too much, I love a pun.  I’m pretty sarcastic & tongue in cheek. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure (hello Love Island and The Bachelorette) but ACTUALLY this is because I’m a sucker for people falling in love. I eat it up – tell me your proposal story, give me all your “meet-cutes” I am here for the romance! 

But back to why you might actually have clicked that ‘About ’ – what do you want to know about this Katie and what I know about business and freelancing?

I’ve been self employed since I was 27, now at nearly 36, I wouldn’t trade this path for anything. The thought of having to apply for a “normal” job and give up the freedom I have brings me out in a cold sweat. Not to say it hasn’t been a close call over the years – the money sometimes rolling in and often not!  I’m sure you’ve faced those days too in your own freelance career!  And if you work in the wedding industry, we all know the tumble weed depths of January & February!

So, how did I even become self employed?

It certainly wasn’t a path that was familiar to me. My parents followed the traditional route of a long term career in the army and a stay at home mum. I went to university, studied Drama and planned to go into casting (which I did do for 1 year…though I got a very ‘Devil Wears Prada’ boss!)

At 19, whilst at uni, I got a Saturday job in a photo lab. One of those one-hour development places. It was a beer money job…or so I thought! I got taken under the wings of the owners and they developed a love of photography in me (pun intended 😉) fast track a smidge and within a couple of years I was running their family portrait studio as Head Photographer.

A year of that and I decided I wanted to go freelance.  So I left, with alllll the plans to Be My Own Boss.  Of course life swerved and an intense relationship break up put the kibosh on those plans.   Forced instead to take on a mundane office job whilst the ex-boyfriend moved out. 

Zip ahead a little more, life had gotten pretty stressful, the heartache was real and I NEEDED change! So I quit my job, rented out my flat and got a contract to work on a cruise ship as a photographer – within 6 weeks I had turned my life on its head and literally ran away to sea to escape my problems.

It was the best decision I ever made.

I travelled the world (well, a good chunk!) I made amazing friends, got a great tan and had an absolute blast, whilst getting to use my camera. The perfect tonic. I actually recommend it to anyone that is single!

18 months of sailing about, nearing my 30’s and I knew if I didn’t come home now I’d be doing this ‘til I was 45 and then what would I do? It wasn’t the long term life for me. So I came back to the UK, ready (at last) to set up my own photography business and earn my living as a photographer.

And that’s what I did.

Got a website, started to book weddings and got a regular freelance gig at a boudoir studio.  And so its gone on from there, alongside wedding work I’ve aimed to keep up a steady stream of other photography jobs – families, product work, schools, branding. I’m pretty proud to say I haven’t had to supplement with a part time job for nearly 5 years now.

It hasn’t been easy. Along with honing my craft and style, I’ve had to learn to network, advertise, do my accounts, edit etc etc. The to do list seemingly never ends when you’re self employed.  And often the majority of the work you have to do to be successful is pretty far from the actual part you love!

The reason you became freelance, your creativity, isn’t enough to be sustainable and earn a living. And lets be frank, a lot of us creative freelancers are earning a living, not a fortune!

I started to explore what could be different and how these things could be changed.  What I’ve recently undertaken is to massively shake up my skill set and earning potential.

I’ve got a kid now, I’m edging to my 40’s – how do I see my future mapping out? 

As a family we have bigger plans that will require savings and now I’m a mum I just can’t contribute financially the same way I used to. My time is even more stretched, and the way I have been running my photography business, I could only earn by selling my physical time – booking jobs and then shooting them.

So that’s how we come to all this, and why you are likely here too – I had to find a better way to boost my income, keep myself freelance, learn the latest strategies & techniques, make my work, work for me!  And I want to share this journey with you. Collaboration over competition!

So have a look around and I’ll show you the skills I’ve been learning and introduce you to the amazing mentoring & education community I’ve invested in to help & guide me in improving my business and my life!

No matter where you are in your freelance journey there’s so much good stuff waiting for you here.

I can’t wait to get sharing and helping you. And feel free to get in touch to chat, you can message me via the contact tab.